Health Coaching Session

Health Coaching Sessions

I am a passionate Colon Hydrotherapist, specialising in nutrition for gut health and detoxing and cleansing the body naturally through the foods we eat. I can guide you to a healthier life and a healthier gut by providing guidance on:

  • realistic goal setting
  • nutritional education
  • creating healthier (and delicious) shopping lists
  • food planning for detox, weight loss, and diabetes

I know the grocery store like the back of my hand! I can guide you aisle by aisle. Together, we will pick delicious nourishing food, find alternatives to all your favourite foods – including the naughty ones – that taste even better!

Learn the Best Products To Buy

Learn how to read food labels, understand ingredients, check sugar content and nutritional content that are in line with your eating goals and what you want to achieve.

Did you know?

  • Ingredients on packaging are listed from highest content to lowest.
  • Serving sizes are often so small to make the calories seem significantly less.

I can guide you through the mysteries of reading food labels!

Learn How To Demystify Marketing Labels!

Sugar-free, Gluten-free, Fat-free, Low-carb…how to better understand what these labels really mean?

Did you know?

  • Gluten-free foods can be full of dairy and sugar; however, there ARE gluten-free foods that are healthy, such as those made with buckwheat flour and that use fruit or xyitol as the sweetener.
  • Low-fat foods can have high sugar content that is unhealthy. There ARE low-fat foods that are healthy and delicious!

My Story and my Philosophy

Knowing how to read ingredients and nutritional labels is important. I’m a busy single mum with two young kids, running a business by myself.  So is everything natural and home cooked? Absolutely not! I have cravings, hormonal cycles that affect my eating habits, and I just LOVE food!

Do I eat enough veggies and salads every day? No, not always.

Do I have a sweet fix midday with my cuppa? YES.

I don’t forbid unhealthy foods for myself and the kids – but I do buy treats with my eyes open, understanding what I’m buying and not feeling guilty! I try to choose healthier delicious snacks; for example, peanut butter bars with MCT oil and collagen, chocolates made from coconut oil, pana organic ice creams, loco love chocolates, cashew cheese, and crackers from lupin flour.

Through years of battling with ill-health when I was younger, I was constantly told I needed more surgery, and that I would never get better unless I had the PERFECT diet. My doctors and therapists believed I had to follow a rigid diet – with no exceptions – to achieve good health.  There was no balance, and I was unhappy.

My self-worth was low, and I tried to control everything that went into my mouth.  As a result, there were constant highs and lows with my emotions and health.

Years later as a therapist for Taringa Health Centre, I worked in a renowned health retreat, dealing with cancer, fasting and detoxing.  It was all about control, and the guilt people felt from actually doing the best they could was terrible.  This anxiety makes people sicker.  I believe this is why I am an amazing therapist.  I learned the hard way – my bar was set so high to achieve health and happiness that it was unachievable.  The mind is more powerful than anything we put in our mouth.

I believe life is about balance, it is totally individual. One person’s medicine is another person’s poison.

We all give a different meaning to the words Health and Wellbeing. Some resonate with merely Not Being Sick. Others describe it as Huge Energy to carry out strenuous sporting activity.

Each of us lives our lives at different paces.  We should not compare. I believe comparison is the killer of joy! And perfection is unachievable long term. We can only do the best we can at the particular time. It’s just great to educate yourself and have an open mind, and we then can make better choices for everything in our lives.

If you are not happy with the way you feel, I can help. I can assist you in creating a plan, with encouragement, education and support. It is my passion and pleasure to help you make the transition to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Health coaching in Sydney

Key Benefits

  • Develop realistic health goals that are achievable long-term
  • Learn how to better manage chronic conditions, such as constipation, diabetes, gut issues, low energy, weight loss/gain
  • Develop a plan for healthy and sustainable weight loss, customised to be realistic and suitable for you.
  • Develop a personalised shopping list to achieve your goals, including short-cuts for healthy eating for those busy parents who are juggling!
  • Nutritional education – develop healthy habits that last and improve overall wellness
  • Manage sweet cravings – learn how to satisfy your sweet cravings with just as delicious but healthier substitutes
  • Food planning for detoxification
  • Teenage nutrition – learn how to correctly balance proteins, carbs and fat to fuel a growing and potentially picky teenager
  • Athletic nutrition – learn how to increase energy to fuel your body and reach your potential

How many sessions do you need?

I recommend an initial one-hour consult, with a follow-up 45 minute consult within 2 weeks of the initial meeting.  After that, it’s up to you to check in when you need encouragement, continued guidance or when you want to tweak your goals.

How It Works

The first consult with Majella will be 60 minutes and will include a questionnaire that will be filled out prior to the consult.  Majella will discuss your health goals and will help you develop a realistic and achievable plan to realise your personal goals in a way that is sustainable long-term.


Services & Pricing

Consultations available in person or virtually.

Initial 60 minute consultation


Follow-up 45 minute consultation


Food Shop in Dee Why with Majella (30 min)

(price does not include food cost)


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