It is an established fact that over 90% of all diseases known to man begins in the Colon.

Waste matter that is impacted and stuck to the colon wall, much like the fur living you see in your waste pipe when cleaning a sink outlet.  

Our Large Bowel alone is 1.8 metres in length and the small bowel is 5 metres.  Most of that is wound up inside our abdomen.  

How much junk and rubbish has passed through your colon since you were a child at school?  I’m sure we are talking in ‘Lorry Loads’ – yet have you ever had a good inner detoxification and healthy ‘’Clean-Out’’? 

Do you think it’s strange that we keep our house outlets and drains clean, but don’t give a thought to our own, unless we get constipated and then take laxatives to force purge it out.    And unfortunately like my past, this is common for a lot of people.  

Not going to the toilet, suffering constipation, some going to the toilet, but never feeling satisfied, never feeling like it’s complete, still feeling full.  

And you also have the person, who fortunately changes their lifestyle and gets their bowel working better.  

But this unfortunately does not cope with removing impacted faeces, mucus, slime, stagnant faecal material, build up on the bowel/colon walls, nor the removal of poison gas, parasites etc.

It must be physically removed by Colon Hydrotherapy. 

So powerful and yet so gentle, perfectly safe, no drugs, chemicals, injections, nothing harmful, no side effects.  Mostly pleasant, comfortable, painless natural therapy producing excellent results.

At Inner Wellbeing we use a specialised method of Colon Hydrotherapy known as The Brunelle Method, which is a gravity fed, closed system.  This method uses a unique feature that divides the bowel into 10 zones, the bowel is NOT filled up with water ensuring no pressure is placed on the bowel.  It works on the principle of only a small amount of water being inserted into the colon at one time which utilizes a pulsing /massage action within specific parts of the bowel that the therapist chooses.  The bowel colon has reflex points, which correspond to specific organs that help the organ perform better.  Also, we incorporate medical oxygen into the water.  

To cleanse the colon using the Brunelle Method, we use a pulsing action which works as an internal massage for the colon.  This action stimulates the natural peristaltic action of the bowel to defecate naturally WITHOUT and pressure.  

The Brunelle Method also enables the colon to reshape and strengthen

Are you in need of Colon Cleansing?  The most instantly recognisable symptoms are

Constipation, Stomach distension, Bloating, Gas, Diarrhoea, Intestinal rumblings, Bad Breath, Headaches, Cramps, Feeling Full, and little energy.  

All my years of experience, I regularly find that clients with all kinds of skin problems, such as Fungus, Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis, benefit greatly from my treatments.

Remember, you do NOT have to be in a state of ill-health and sickness to justify treatments.  Colon Hydrotherapy is a preventative measure, an ideal regime to help the body spring-clean to encourage it to detoxify and eliminate, leaving it ready to be strengthened by healthy living.  Keeping a clean, healthy intestinal system is an effective method of preventing ill health.

There are no shortcuts to good health.  I know that for sure.  The longer you have been sick, the longer you will need to change your condition.  But each time you participate towards healing your body, you will improve and feel better.