I know all too well the extensive personal experience associated with health issues at the result of bowel problems. Having suffered from acute bowel issues throughout my childhood has made me an extremely determined and passionate therapist to help educate people on better gut health.

As a result of my own personal health concerns related to the bowel, I spent most of my life in hospital being treated for a variety of issues related to my bowel health which ultimately resulted in 95% of my large bowel (colon) being removed in September 2000. However, this didn’t stop all the pain and suffering.

For one full year after this surgery I was hospitalised every few weeks with severe unknown pain. I continued to suffer with bowel problems and from a toxic bowel this led to other various health issues such as hormone balance, skin problems, bloating, fluid retention, and emotional pain, anxiety, frustration, which left me feeling constantly hopeless.

The turning point for me was when I failed a variety of medical tests, which were nerve to muscle connections, and my only medical option to fix the issues was more surgery, which included receiving a colostomy bag.

At the time, I was working at the Queensland Children Hospital where I saw so many children suffering from this and other health issues all from a toxic gut. So many children suffering from diarrhoea and constipation, and even some with a colostomy bag. Just like me, so many others were suffering from a bowel (colon) issues. I decided – no more! I will find a way to live a normal life. This was when I started on a path of emotional inner work with numerous therapies.

“You name it, I’ve done it.”

I had tried every other possible treatment known to me to deal with my gut and other health issues such as pain, constipation, haemorrhoids, polyps, ovarian cysts, exhaustion, and anxiety. This was the driving force to educate myself in the area of nutrition, the mind, the body, and natural supplements.

My life changed after a few months from receiving the Brunelle Method of Colon Hydrotherapy. So many people are not aware of gut health and don’t realise how it impacts the rest of the body.

I’m not saying Colon Hydrotherapy will cure all your problems, but it will certainly help prevent colon diseases and reduce the impact of any other health issues stemming from an unhealthy colon.

This is was the driving force of me wanting to train and study Colon Hydrotherapy.

Colon Hydrotherapy is one of the fastest ways to detox your system, giving you an instant feeling of wellbeing. Colonics supports, tones and relaxes the body, giving you a gentle, internal cleansing treatment.

I also worked as a colon hydrotherapist 2 days per week for the famous Hypocrates Detox / Fasting Retreat on the Gold Coast, QLD. Later on, I worked in Adelaide using an open method of Colon Hydrotherapy and even gained more experience overseas in Thailand. I always come back to my passion and what changed my life and what I believe in was the Brunelle method of Colon Hydrotherapy which is what I offer.

In 2004 I opened a fabulous clinic in Ireland working in Colon Hydrotherapy and Lymphatic Drainage. I returned to Australia with my family in 2008 and ran a small practice in Brisbane in Colon Hydrotherapy and Lymphatic Drainage. January 2020 this new year, I open this amazing clinic here in Dee Why.

The core of my business and what I’m all about is the Brunelle method of Hydrotherapy and educating people, this is my passion.

I chose to open Inner Wellbeing as a small wellbeing center. I chose to offer and complement this with more choices of detox.

  1. Lymphatic Drainage/Pressotherapy Machine (Detox through the Lymph)
  2. The Brunelle Method of Colon Hydrotherapy
  3. HOCATT™ Far Infrared Ozone Sauna​

“Remember you do not have to be in ill-health or have major bowel problems to justify treatment. Colon Hydrotherapy is one of the fastest ways to detox your system, giving you an instant feeling of wellbeing.”