IT is astonishing to learn that a lot of the diseases, which seem to have little to do with your bowel, are actually because of bowel suffocating with undischarged wastes.  Therefore, it is time to have a clean colon and get a healthier body!

Do you suffer from any of these complaints?

Migraine, headaches, constipation, Ibs, low immunity, sinuses, lack of energy, weight problems, bloatedness, allergies, depression? 

The trouble is that only few people realise their bowel is clogged – the reality is that very few of us are aware that we are carrying a load of poisonous wastes in our bowel. We think our problems have other causes. By not understanding that these wastes are addicting every cell and every tissue in our body. 

And so we wonder and cannot understand why we are tired all the time or why we have difficulty with moodiness and cannot cope. All too often our problems come from our bowels. 

Look at it this way, if you carry poisons in your bowel they can seep into your bloodstream. 

Your blood goes to every part of your body. How can anyone think clearly if the blood feeding their brain contains waste which should be in the sewer. 

An impacted colon makes it difficult for the body to absorb minerals and nutrients through the intestinal walls and it affects the bowels ability to self-flourish with good bacteria. Bowel problems can cause nutritional deficiencies no matter how good your food intake; therefore it’s important to keep your colon clean and healthy. 

How much misery do irritable bowel diverticulitis and stomach ulcers cause? 

What about constipation, the curse of modern civilization? 

It makes people feel ill and down, it causes headaches, lowers energy and slowly poisons us. 


Inner wellbeing offers a very specialized method of colon hydrotherapy known as the Brunelle method. This method has a Unique feature. The Brunelle method divides the bowel into ten zones. The bowel is NOT filled up full of water therefore NO pressure is used. 

In addition, it works on the principle of only a small amount of water being use at one time. In other words, it utilizes a Pulsing action within specific parts of the bowel. 

The bowel/colon has reflex points, which correspond to specific organs-in turn this will help the organs perform better. 

Colon hydrotherapy and educating people about their bowel is a passion to Majella. Chronic constipation, cysts, polyps, piles, abnormal cells, hospital stays and bowel surgery were a major part of her life. Having come through all of this makes her a very understanding & knowledgeable therapist. 

Inner Wellbeing has now opened in
Dee Why Sydney, NSW. 

In conclusion, if you desire to achieve inner wellbeing call 02 9972 4520 and arrange your appointment today and start cleaning and assisting your body to a brighter inner well being future. For more information check out or email

– Majella Brennan