Brunelle Method of Colon Hydrotherapy

Brunelle Method of Colon Hydrotherapy​

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The Brunelle Method

Colon Hydrotherapy is one of the fastest ways to detox your system, giving you an instant feeling of wellbeing whilst improving overall health.

The Brunelle Method of Colonic Irrigation is a gravity fed, closed system which has unique features. It works on the principle of only a small amount of water being inserted into the colon many times and then pulsated from side to side of the colon wall.

This method does NOT fill the bowel full of water. The Brunelle method stimulates the natural peristaltic action of the bowel to defecate naturally. There is NO pressure used.

Key Benefits

This always will vary with the individual, depending on goals, current lifestyle and intestinal state. Experience has shown positive changes with each treatment but we would recommend doing 4 treatments preferably one week apart if possible to experience all around positive health changes in the body.


Hydrate the days prior for optimal results and refrain from eating at least two hours before your scheduled appointment. 2-3L per day of good quality water is a good guide.

Eat healthily (consult our Practitioners if you need assistance with this)

For best results, prepare a diet three days prior of fresh vegetables, soups, bone broths and avoid processed food, coffee, alcohol and refined sugar where possible.

Breathe and relax

Try not to arrive to your appointment stressed or anxious. The digestive system is directly linked to your nervous system so the less stressed you are the more effective your treatment will be.

Got gas?

If you are prone to bloating and flatulence, take some Activated Charcoal upon rising the day of your Colonic or a couple of days leading up to your treatment ­ this will reduce the gas build up and draw toxicity out. We sell this product in the clinic if you so require.

Drink up

Drink plenty of filtered water, vegetable based juices, soups, bone broths and avoid processed food, coffee, alcohol and refined sugar where possible.


If your lifestyle allows you; eat pureed food for 24 hours after each session (blended soups, bone broths and cooked pureed apple with cinnamon are recommended).


Digestion starts in the mouth, make sure you are taking the time to chew and really enjoy your food, even if it is liquids.

Tune in

Listen to your body! When you return to eating normally ensure you are only fuelling your body with nutrient dense, digestible, fresh, whole foods. If your body has an adverse reaction to a food, chances are it didn’t want/need it at that time. Eat intuitively, not reactively/emotionally/impulsively.

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Belinda Roets
Belinda Roets
Majella has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to optimising health. I recommend anyone who is interested in taking their health to the next level. Not only is majella knowledgeable Majella is a delight to be around.
Melinda Tualima
Melinda Tualima
I’m back seeing Majella at Inner wellness after a few years on the wrong side of the track.My last experience there brought immediate results from health issues brought on by inflammation .Recently I called up to make an appointment and was amazed that Majella remembered me and was on board to assist me . Majella has a unique gift of healing with sincerity humour and sharp intuition. She has a beautiful manner and is super caring and 100% dedicated to her craft of healing . I wouldn’t go anywhere else for this incredibly important practise of self care .Inner Wellness offers inferred saunas and Lymphatic drainage and the castor oil packs have become a night time ritual i will keep doing. Inner Wellness has allowed my body to heal in a way i have never experience before and given me the tools to look after my body and to be able to confidently heal myself as well .Majella’s is so insightful and a fountain of knowledge that is second to none you’re an angel Majella thank you 🙏🏽
Tia Beale
Tia Beale
Majella has been profound in changing my life to find ease and joy in a healthy lifestyle. Her knowledge and understanding of the human body is like nothing I’ve ever seen, her passion for helping people is inspiring and my life has changed for the better since going to inner wellbeing.
Beth Young
Beth Young
I am BEYOND grateful that I found Majella at Inner Wellbeing. What a kind, warm, generous human. Majella is so good at what she does. She has such a vast knowledge of all things wellbeing, and she shares her knowledge and wisdom in a way that is easily understood. I found Inner Wellbeing just before a cycle of IVF to use the incredible HOCATT ozone sauna. I have stage 4 endometriosis and a persistently thin uterine lining - both of which the HOCATT has been found to help. Too early to say if my IVF cycle worked - but I found the ozone sauna incredibly relaxing, and I'm sure it has already helped to reduce my inflammation. Thanks so much, Majella. xx
Caro Parrillo
Caro Parrillo
My experience at the Majella clinic was wonderful. She is an excellent professional and the treatments for the body are a real gift that I gave myself. I completely recommend the whole experience.🎉
Mina Staples
Mina Staples
Majella’s extensive knowledge helped me discover why my health had taken a turn & her care and compassionate assisted me back to health. Utilising a variety of treatments, I am forever grateful for her attentive eye and the time she has invested. Worth her weight in gold!
carol borja
carol borja
Majella is an excellent professional and is always willing to go a little further and explain you in detail what the treatments are about and how they can help you! I’m glad I found her and I am amazed by the results of my sessions with her.
Pamela Millican-Hartnoll
Pamela Millican-Hartnoll
A wonderful healer who is brilliant at what she does. Thank you 🙏 highly recommended
Lauren W
Lauren W
Majella is a smart, beautiful, kind human and you can tell she puts her all into helping those that come into her clinic, she is a book of knowledge and she makes you feel comfortable and at home whenever you’re there. I have tried many treatments throughout the years to help me with chronic disease & mold issues & candida etc but nothing compares to the way I felt after doing treatments with Majella Im finally starting to feel alive again and this is only the beginning. Her castor oil packs are also incredible for pain and breaking up scar tissue from my surgeries. I wish I found Majella sooner along my healing journey but I am so grateful to have finally found someone who understands, listens and goes above and beyond to help. Literally an angel in human form.

Brunelle Method of Colon Hydrotherapy FAQs

There’s no such thing as a silly question, especially when your health is concerned. Here are some of our
Brunelle Method of Colon Hydrotherapy FAQs. For any other advice on love, life and colonics drop us a line.

Colon Hydrotherapy also known, as Colon Irrigation is best described as a gentle internal cleansing process.
It removes toxins and other burdens of putrefaction from the body, thereby assisting and supporting all other forms of natural treatment. The colon is the most important organ for maintaining good health. Colonic Irrigation can improve overall health because if the colon is not functioning properly, neither will any other part of the body.

I would like to take this opportunity to explain how Inner Health Centre differs from most colon Hydrotherapy treatments.

Firstly we use a specialised method of Colon Hydrotherapy, known as the ‘’Brunelle Method’’. During the treatment, the
therapist allows small amounts of water, which has pure medical oxygen infused within, to gently pulsate against the colon wall creating an internal massage that helps stimulate the colon for natural defecation.

This specialised treatment stimulates the organs of body via reflex points (similar to reflexology of the feet) situated within the colon to help restore better health to all organs, as nature intended.

Cleanse the Colon: toxic material is broken down so it can no longer harm your body or inhibit elimination. Your colon can
begin to co-operate again as it was intended.

Exercise the Colon Muscles: the build up- of toxic debris weakens the colon and impairs it’s functioning. With this method it
utilises a pulsing action in the colon, which works as internal massage, which enables the colon to reshape and strengthen
making it more efficient.

Reshape the colon: When problem conditions exist in the colon, they tend to alter its shape that in turn causes more
problems. Again with the pulsing action this helps to eliminate bulging pockets of wasted and narrowed, spastic constrictions
finally enabling the colon to resume its natural shape.

Stimulate Reflex Points: The colon connects to every system and organ of the body by reflex points. The colonic stimulates
these points thereby affecting the corresponding body parts in a beneficial way.

Many clients have reported higher energy levels, clearer skin and brighter eyes, relief from gas, improved elimination through
the kidney, skin, and bowel, and overall a better-working bowel!

Common signs include tiredness, weight gain, constipation, diarrhoea, sluggishness, headaches, gas, bloating and skin

Constipation is any form of congestion and is usually accompanied by dehydration. One bowel movement a day is a sign of
constipation. Symptoms are overweight, irritability, bloating, gas, headaches, sinus drainage, allergies, cellulite, depression,
unsatisfied hunger, and poor circulation.

Our method of Colon Hydrotherapy stimulates the whole colon, which in turns strengthens the colon allowing it to eliminate the old hard faecal matter.

No it is not painful, some people experience a little discomfort on occasions.

No. You will fully maintain your personal dignity. You will be in a private room with only your therapist, who will help you feel
at ease.

No. This method of Colon Hydrotherapy allows for continual control over the water pressure and temperature at all times. Our
intent is to provide a safe and effective service. Equipment is disinfected and sterilized using hospital approved methods.
Colonics unlike the use of laxatives is not habit forming and improves the shape and tone of the colon.

The main concern of people who are considering colonic hydrotherapy is they feel that is it unnatural. But so is most
medicine. The body’s natural way for removing toxins and to purge intestinal contents is through diarrhoea, which liquefies
faeces enabling its rapid expulsion from the body.

Colon Hydrotherapy does this in a much cleaner and pleasant way. Also the diet in Western society has become anything but
natural and is one of the principal reasons why colonics have become increasingly necessary to maintain a healthy intestine
and colon.

In 1990, a study reported in the Journal of Natural Medicine, entitled ‘’Effects of Colon Hydrotherapy on Serum Electrolytes’’,
showed that no patient experienced any clinically significant symptoms or disturbances.

The flora will not be disturbed anymore than having several normal bowel motions. The healthy bacteria are more than likely
over run by destructive bacteria. It is a well-known fact that good bacteria, has difficulty surviving when the colon is impacted
with old, putrefied, toxic matter. Colon Hydrotherapy is to create a healthier and balanced bowel environment where good
bacteria can flourish.

Yes you can congratulate your self for making the right step towards better health.
The therapist can assess the condition of the colon more accurately if you present yourself under what are your normal dietary

An enema is the simplest form of the open system of Colonic Irrigation and only reaches the lower part of the bowel.
According to Dr Norman Walker, ‘’One colonic is equivalent to 30 enemas.

The Brunelle method (closed system) stimulates the whole colon to defecate on its own without the water pressure, which is
present with an open system

This always will vary with the individual and his/her condition. Experience has shown positive changes at the third and fourth

Deposits build up in a lifetime cannot be shifted in one or two treatments.

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Majella Brennan is the owner and leading Colon Hydrotherapist at Inner Wellbeing. Having suffered from acute bowel issues since her childhood, Majella prides herself on being an extremely determined and passionate therapist to help educate people on better gut health. She knows all too well the extensive personal experience associated with health issues at the result of bowel problems. As a

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